Drum Lessons

Private 1 on 1 drum lessons are available at a number of school sites and from an after hours studio.

Students aged from 8+ are ideally suited to learning on the drumkit. Lessons include: Technique, timing, solo and performance elements, plus many more.

Percussion Lessons

Students of all ages are able to join in on some fun percussion sessions. Individual hand drums are provided for all sized students and can be expanded to small groups for added enjoyment. Rhythms and timing are focussed on as well as ensemble playing.

** New Rock Drumming Book **

After months of work, I have finally been able to publish my very own Modern Rock Drumming tutorial book. This book is all of my own work and features a step by step pathway from beginner to more advanced rock drumming. For sale in the web store!!

Bass Guitar Lessons

Lessons have just begun for Bass Guitar students. Lessons include reading and music theory, technique and performance. Working from a customized tutorial book written by Paul Gibson, students are introduced to songs and backings quickly keeping interest and enthusiasm high.

Classroom Group Lessons

Short term contracts are welcome for classroom group lessons. Lessons are Australian Curriculum based and can include singing, drum & percussion elements, tuned percussion, basic wind instruments, music technology and of course performance.